Why hasn't anyone found the origin of the virus yet, do Chinese people hate non Chinese or something?

I blame Japan for this virus because if you guys think about it, if Japan wasn't such a territorial nation during the rise of the WWII and dominating most of asia, I doubt China would be the way they are now and also North Korea as well (in fact there probably wouldn't be a North Korea and South Korea).


When I say the origin, I'm saying, who is the person or persons that started this outbreak.  Obviously, Wuhan was the start but how did the outbreak occur in the first place??  Nobody still knows lol.  

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  • Magui
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    1 month ago
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    I blame Chinese for this virus. They really have to manage better the sanitary conditions in their markets. And it is not the first time a weird virus came out of China. Smh

  • 1 month ago

    Asian(Chinese) men have natural janitor faces, the viruses nest and lurk there.

  • 1 month ago

    At this point, it doesn't matter. Some people believe it was created in a lab to help decrease the world's population, but considering its fatality rate is <2% that's highly unlikely.

    Besides, viruses *jump* from animals to humans. Take rabies or SARS as examples.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Scientists just found out it originated from Neanderthals, so if you have the dna you’re the problem ✌🏽

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    But what I have heard, the Chinese people, in general, they love foreigners and they love to take pictures with us. Because we look exotic to them when they are in China.

    So I dont think they hate westerners. They are suspicious about Foreigners as we are about them. And we are suspicious mainly about their government. Iran for example, they want vaccines from Asia.  They are suspicious about the West. Mainly about the US. It is more a government thing. The Chinese people would be curious about foreigners in a normal base. 

    So The West also gets suspicious why they cant make the research and the situation gets worse. 

  • .
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    1 month ago

    No, it seems out of character for the Chinese to hurt their own people in this way. 

    The timing, however, coincided with digitalization of the Chinese Yuan, a BRICS currency. Other economic impacts soon followed punishing Russia with collapsing oil prices and lockdown across the world. The motive was there for enemies of China and Russia. The spread was rapid around the world. 

    ARTICLE: China pushes ahead with making yuan a global currencyBut Beijing still has its work cut out to rival the mighty US dollarBy LEE SHIN-HYUNGDECEMBER 19, 2019Digital yuanAccording to a report published last week by Forkast.News, a Hong Kong-based emerging technology-focused media and research platform, the People’s Bank of China is expected to issue a digital currency within the next few months.While other central banks have mulled central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, Beijing could be a global pioneer – depending upon if and when it issues.Unlike cryptos, CBDCs are underwritten by central banks, granting them status as legal tender. Moreover, CBDCs are expected to offer benefits in terms of transactional efficiencies, central bank oversight, technological innovation and financial inclusion.Beijing’s plan is seen as being for both domestic and international reasons. The PBOC is aiming to tighten down on runaway local currency flows while also seeing off perceived challenges from other global digital payment platforms – especially Facebook’s Libra. However, the PBOC may also hope that its digital currency will help globalize the yuan.Angie Lau, veteran Asia finance and tech journalist and commentator, and editor-in-chief and founder of Forkast.News, notes that for the yuan to supersede the dollar “is a bit of a stretch for a number of reasons,” but she adds that the digital currency “isn’t necessarily about that.”“Rather, the point of it is to provide extra liquidity for the [yuan] so that it’s a competitive alternative to the [dollar] … particularly in emerging markets within China’s sphere of influence.”Only after this framework is in place, says Lau, can “a new race be run” between the dollar and the yuan.Experts say that China’s highly ambitious and widespread Belt and Road Initiative, combined with a digital currency, could promote the yuan’s globalization.“If China’s CBDC is successfully issued and used with no security concern, it will enhance the reliability and usability of the yuan and partly contribute to the globalization of the yuan,” Lee of KCIF said.

  • It was developed in Fort Detrick, Maryland.  Now Trump is out of office, his failed attempt to destroy the Chinese economy can come to light.

  • 1 month ago

    Scientists already have, it's China...

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    China was invaded by Europeans and Japan an it has only been for around 100 years. It's their fault that their destroyed China original culture and forced modernization. At first they were closed kingdom.

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