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The strongest fact of science: Humans are apes. Jesus was an ape. Why do millions of Christians want to throw out this science?

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    But, Scripture does not reveal that Jesus was an APE. Scripture reveals that Jesus was made of BREAD. At the Last Supper, He finally admitted it, when He blessed the bread,  passed it around, and told the disciples, in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS:

    "THIS is my body!!" To dare imply otherwise, is to call JESUS a LIAR!

  • Paul
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    Science does not say that humans are apes. Biologically, humans are Primates, as are apes, monkeys, and various other forms. However, a monkey is not an ape, and neither is a human. What sets humans totally apart though, is beyond the reach of science, and that is our spiritual nature and immortal soul.

    born again Christian biologist

  • Old-un
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    Evolution is a theory not a fact, Humans were created ''After'' all other creatures, Genesis 1:26 - 31, note this also, living creatures can only reproduce fertile offspring within their ''kind,'' proven scientific fact. Those that want to make apes or monkeys of themselves are free to do so, it might explain believing a theory rather than the one who created everything.

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    This has to be the most stupidest thing that I've seen on Yahoo Answers. Meds,think meds..........

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  • ?
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    Even if I discount our 'spiritual' selves, (which I certainly do not), we are a dynamic interplay of three things:

    1) Simian-like flesh and blood;

    2) Vast and uncountable communities of inextricable microbes;

    3) Electrical and other 'animating' energies.

    Remove any of these and we instantly die. Even the most superficial viewpoint of the 'human' proclaims the glory and nature of GOD as explained to us in holy scripture. 

    I could just as easily and speciously view us ONLY as 'microbiological super organisms' fulfilling the design and functional will of these communities, or ONLY as dynamic natural energy-beings acting upon simian flesh and microbiology to accomplish its purposes. 

    You just happen to favor the 'simian' above the others because of 'Occam's razor' which encourages you to explore only what seems the easiest and simplest to grasp. However, truth does not arrive through favoritism or partiality and isn't always 'simple.' We only end up skewing perception itself and concocting simplistic fantasies around our 'favorites.' The downside of this comes from the dangerous 'gaps' in our knowledge which inevitably catch up with us. Modern humans currently call this the 'price of Progress.' 

    Genuine divine knowledge carries no such 'price.' GOD gives it to us freely and without further blood cost through Jesus Christ.

  • Carmen
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    That's not science. That's an assigned definition. You are saying "Humans are classified as apes: therefore Humans are apes." 

    That's not science. 

    The thing at the end of your arm will now be referred to as a squid and no longer as hands. Did you know humans have squids at the end of their arms? Why would you deny it. It's science. 

    All you are doing is assigning a name and making a classification. Humans could also be classified as rodents if you really wanted. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    humans are human (not apes).

    Darwins lie is fairly NEW. (a new lie)

    only atheists accept it as fact.

    due to sin

    there is no science behind this lie.

    only more lies.

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    Humans don't breed with apes we are set apart from them. I don't see  apes building spaceships to Visit God's heavens. Man has eaten from the tree of knowledge knowing Good and evil no other organisms have this ability  Biologist 

  • Jim2
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    Physically we are primates. Spiritually we are something else. That's the whole point. (I should say one of the points of Chrisitianity). The Bible itself says to minimize our base physical desires and to emphasize our higher spiritual selves.

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