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Is this sentence grammatically correct ?

I am losing the strength of my lower limbs which helps me getting to the toilet.

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    I guess it's grammatically correct, but not the most common way of stating it. You are either losing strength "in" your lower limbs, or your lower limbs are losing strength.   Here are some other ways to say the same thing:

    I am losing strength in my lower limbs, making it difficult for me to get to the toilet. I'm having having difficulty getting to the toilet because I'm losing strength in my lower limbs. 

    My lower limbs are losing strength so it's hard for me to get to the toilet.

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    NO! Your sentence says that having less strength helps you. That's can't be what you are trying to say. If you want it to say that you're having trouble getting to the toilet, you have to make that clearer.

    I am losing strength in my lower limbs, which makes it difficult to get to the toilet. 

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    My lower limbs helping me getting to the toilet is losing strength.

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