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Right wingers want smaller government and more freedoms yet they support the police who have been restricting freedoms since covid ?

It doesnt make sense

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Police stop you at checkpoint to check if you’re chipped (aka vaccinated)

    Police check the car; let's say 4 people car but signal only from 3; so, police stop it to chip the notyetchipped; signal from 4 now and police let the car go. This is prophecy by saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov. Notice police chip (aka vaccinate) people at gun point in Africa; so, no more "it's not gonna happen here" 'cuz it will soon enough, capisce?

    Police do it on highways or when you leave your city... basically, you can't leave your city unless you're vaccinated; but vaccine = mark of the beast; so, escape now while your city doesn't have these rules; forgive me.

    Gov't sprays chemtrails so that people feel symptoms of flu

    5G will kill vaccinated; just read GeorgiaGuidestones' commandment of 500 million max population on earth; it fits with Orthodox Christian prophecy of 7 percent of people left

    RussianOrthodox prophecy also says that there will be unbearable stench in winter. So, there you go. Russian winters are cold. So, they must have died from the new disease that doesn't have a name 'cuz it's caused by 5G.

    martial law; Constitution was suspended; New World Order

    read Book of Revelation; Chapters 13 and 14, please

    chipped people will be influenced by super computers to receive World Passport (grey plastic card with no name on it), but when they stretch their hands to get it, gov't clerk presses secret button to administer the unforgivable green 666 tattoo by isotope rays

    If you escape mark of the beast, then your direct ancestors go to permanent heaven

    how to escape it? by hiding within a small group (10 - 15 people according to saints Gabriel Urgebadze and Seraphim of Sarov); no documents; no electronics

    Project Pogo = Alex Jones, QAnon, Adam Green, etc. videos are put out so that gov't tracks who watches them. (Project Zyphr annihilates people who watch these videos). Drone with scopolamine will drill a hole in your window at 4 am. Once gassed, you will come out to the police van (waiting for you outside) yourself; you will be taken to underground camp to be tortured for adrenochrome. The rest of the people will be secretly (or even openly) chipped when they sign up for food in closed stores

    AI (artificial intelligence aka demons) will post on your social media as if it were you doing it while you're on vacation; it will even make phone calls on behalf of you; no one will notice that you're missing in action

    Source(s): According to the Last Prophet (aka incarnated ARCHANGEL URIEL aka saint healer VYACHESLAV KRASHENINNIKOV) if the last descendant rejects mark of the beast, then his/her direct ancestors go to permanent heaven. To reject mark of the beast, one needs to hide within a 10-15 people group without electronics/documents. Documents are from Satan; burn them. Electronics can be used to track you and to show the antichrist (even on old broken unplugged TV set from 1970's using Tesla’s ether); reject all vaccines, tests, temperature scans, etc.; forgive me
  • kswck2
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yet the left packed the National Guard into a small parking garage when they were no longer needed-and half of them now have Covid. 

  • Dr. D
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The Right Wing wants the government to leave them alone but want to live in a law-and-order society. This means strong military, strong police, and strong enforcement of immigration. They want a society that is a meritocracy. 

    In contrast Left Wingers want to fix the economy by punishing the productive elements and rewarding the parasites. They want to criminalize discrimination against ethnic groups that commit the most crime, and openly discriminate (affirmative action) against the ethnic groups that commit the least crime. They want to reward people who ignore immigration laws. They want people who never owned slaves to pay reparations to people who were never slaves themselves. Liberals believe rewarding people on the basis of merit isn't fair. 

    NOTE: If someone wants more freedoms and less police then they are anarchists. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't. I am very worried about the way the police in the UK are out of control. They don't have enough officers to investigate burglaries but sit on a bench and drink a coffee and they are there in force. 

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  • wave
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    I think the point is they don't want to defund the police like the hard left want, they don't support covid restrictions. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    right wing never make sense

    they have no commonsense

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I am right wing and I certainly don't support the Police and what they have been doing to innocent people. They only police by consent and that consent is rapidly dwindling.

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