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Why have extreme weather events increased so significantly in the last 20 year's ?

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    Have they?      

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    There has been a "stunning ascent" in the quantity of extraordinary climate occasions in the course of recent years, driven to a great extent by rising worldwide temperatures and other climatic changes, as per another report from the United Nations. ... Quite a bit of this expansion, the report notes, can be credited to environmental change.

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    They mostly haven't. There is about 6 inches of snow headed for Chicago today, it may have Already fallen since I read the article, but our news media was calling 6 inches of snow in Chicago, in the heart of winter, "Historic". 

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    Meanwhile the most that falls is 4 1/2 inches and the roads aren't even closed..  the next day "record snow melt" as the massive historic storm has passed and the snow is causing water to puddle in the low spots.  Its a catastrophe, hurry, run down the street screaming as you wave your hands over your head that the world is ending. 

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    That's the $64,000 question when it comes to climate. Some say it's a natural weather trend, others say a long term change accelerated by human influences. But no one can say with certainty how much humans are influencing climate change or if it can be reversed/slowed down by changes made by people.

    Some inject politics into it and dismiss "global warming" (the catch-all term for human caused climate change) as a political hoax altogether.

    Me, I lean more toward the science & continuing research. Some would call me a tree-hugger. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I'm just more prone to listen to science than conspiracy theorists.

    It would be nice to have a definitive answer one way or another but that's not how this kind of stuff works. Like the current pandemic-a short term microcosm of how we learn about the unknown. I'm going to listen to the medical research as it unfolds and follow their recommendations, not some politician who tells me to frequent my local bar to keep the economy going.

    @ I'm That Mexican: Skepticism part of the scientific process and I think particularly healthy when it is politicized by alarmists on either side who grab a single indicator to take a stance in order to attract attention, recognition or authority/$$ when it comes to ongoing research & we're still learning. Hard to tell whether individuals are sincere about the environment at times.

    My overall attitude is wait and see but practice sound conservation & cost analysis. Why spend extra money on things we don't need or won't ultimately save us money?

    While 20 years is insignificant as a part of 4.5 billion years time, it is 25% of a human being's lifetime so it is significant in those terms and represents a trend that can affect our financial planning, particularly those of us engaged in agriculture-which I got out of ten years ago because of the increasing volatility both weather-wise in my area & financial uncertainties in the commodity market & land values.

    It is indeed "guessing" without strong evidence that is a huge issue.

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    @Sam:  I agree with your answer. For myself I would only say that I am a natural born skeptic in most matters. And it just seems these days that having healthy skepticism makes you a pariah to those who may have an agenda. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. An increase over 20 years is insignificant. And the "Why" is anyone's guess.

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    Earth is cooling...

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