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Trump had the wrong election strategy. He should have pushed mail-in ballots. Biden did nothing except let Trump be Trump. Judgement error?


@Mr Smartypants: Thank you for your reply. The Democrats were indeed encouraged to vote by mail-in. But had Trump encouraged the Republicans (some of whom were also worried about COVID) to vote by mail-in, it may have counter-balanced the Democrat vote. By dismissing it as corrupt, he may have dissuaded many of his supporters from voting by mail. I agree totally with you that with the failure to dismiss the mail-ins, he doomed himself. 

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    The access to mail in ballots may have helped Trump. Theoretically there could have been Trump supporters who were reluctant to vote because of fears of coronavirus. That might especially be the case because Trump's support skews towards older people. On the other hand, Trump had been relentlessly pushing the idea that the coronavirus was a hoax. The incredible turnout on Election Day, which in many states broke for Donald Trump, shows that many Republicans were not reluctant to appear at the polls. I can personally attest from my republican-leaning neighborhood that there were many elderly people who were absolutely willing to vote in person. So it's not clear how much the attack on mail-in voting hurt him.

    I think that the main problem for Trump was that he was Donald Trump. There's only so much that you can polish a turd and the American people generally hate Donald Trump. It's significant that Trump got almost exactly the same amount of the vote that he got last time. In fact he slightly increased his vote share from 2016. So the big problem for him was that the majority of Americans who had always disliked him decided to all back Joe Biden this time around rather than and backing multiple candidates if they had in 2016. If those voters had done what they did in 2024 years ago then Hillary Clinton would have been president and Donald Trump would be a private citizen probably basking in the renewed attention brought by his surprisingly successful run for president

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    Dump lost because 400,000 Americans are dead, he is the most incompetent president in history.

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    He was trying to separate Democratic and Republican votes.  Democrats were more worried about COVID, so they tended more to mail in their ballots.  The people at the polling places were mostly Republicans.

    It turned out he was unsuccessful in deleting a lot of mail-in ballots, but what he was trying to do would have  helped him a lot if it had worked.

    And on your other point, I heartily agree.  Biden didn't have to knock himself out campaigning.  He only had to let Trump be Trump.  Trump's popularity was already down in the 30s and the more outrageous things Trump said, the better Biden did.

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