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In the movie, Superman: The Movie, is Lex Luthor Superman's brother?

They look sorta similar, and they know each other when they meet! They also have a rivalry, which is common for brothers. Could Lex Luthor be Superman's brother?

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    in NO telling of the Superman saga, in any form, were they ever brothers- 

    I use to collect the comics, and there were hundreds of variations and "alternate universe" versions and all that........and I don't recall ever seeing a version where they were brothers.  Superman was been President of the United States,   he's fought Muhammad Ali........he's been in alternate timelimes like the Civil War,  and he's even been  found and raised by the WAYNES,   but I don't believe he's ever been Lex's brother. 

    However it is interesting to note, that all the important people in Superman's life, have always had the intials   LL -   Lex Luthor, of course, but all his old love interests......Lois Lane,  Lana Lang, Loris Lemar  (she was a mermaid) 

    Lucy Lang, (Lois's sister)  etc. 

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