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What should I do?

About 3 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school i decided to tweeze and sometimes shave the top of my forehead and i don’t know what was going through my mind to do that at that point. But anyway ever since I’ve had to tweeze not shave but tweeze the top of my forehead because when I let my hair grow in on my forehead it is dark thick looking hair and it makes the top of my forehead look black and my hair color is blonde so it looks weird. This picture is what my forehead looks like when I haven’t tweezed the top of my forehead in a week. When my the top of my forehead hair is tweezed it does not look black with hair on top it looks fine, except it makes me look like I have a huge forehead and i get made fun of for this and get called mega kind. I am so upset because I don’t know what i should do at this point. Should I let my forehead hair grow in and look dark like this where there is a big black spot on my head or should i keep tweezing it. If i were to grow the hair back in would a salon be able to dye the forehead hair lighter some how? It is just so upsetting how I made a huge mistake a few years ago and now I am suffering the consequences by being bullied because my forehead looks big and it makes me less confident. What should i do? either way i’ll get bullied but i am insecure with how it looks when i let the hair grow in because it grows in very dark and there is the big black spot on the top of my forehead which looks very weird

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