How to get accurate trailer and tounge weights?

I got a pop up trailer and I'm finding weights from 3100-3500. I dont know what it is exactly. Nor do I know what its tounge weight is. I'll be useing a subaru ascent (5k tow limit) to tow and owners manual says no weight distribution hitch. I belive the car weighs in the neighborhood of 4500lbs. So if I hook up and go on a scale, and I only pull up so the weight is just the vehicle with myself and tounge weight, and it comes to say 5000lbs and total weight with trailer its 8200lbs. Is it safe to assume its vehicle weight 4500lbs, me 200lbs, and trailer 3500lbs with 300lbs on the hitch? Or is my method wrong? I know there is more to towing than just this. I feel im getting a decent grasp on the other parts, its just how to correctly figure out and apply weights thats a speed bump for me. Because I always overthink everything. But any help is appriciated and I thank you for your time.

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    1 month ago


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  • My first thought is I wouldn't pull a 3,500 pound trailer with a subaru or any mid size car.. Going down a hill frying the brakes with that thing trying to push me off the road is scary.. That's if you got it up the hill without frying the transmission to start with..

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you weigh the car alone, then weigh the car (only) with the trailer attached, the change in the car's weight will be the tongue weight.

    If you know the tongue weight is definitely less than 300 pounds you can use a bathroom sale to weigh it directly. Tread carefully so you don't anger the wife.

    If you're not sure, there is a trick you can use that takes advantage of elementary physics and a 4x4 beam to divide the load:

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