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What legendary, cult classic movie do u not see the hoopla about???? Mine is Dirty Dancing?


@?: that is hilarious about Titanic. I never thought about it until u said it. Now, its like really, James Cameron? U really needed a gun fight in a movie about a historical and tragic sinking of a ship? Yes, at that point why not bring in the car chase? Lol

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    I found it offensive that no critic took offense or objection to sticking so much stupid GUN PLAY  into  Titanic. 

    and you wonder why there are so many shootings in this country, when every problem is solved by trying to blow someone's head off in the movies.....

    even a movie about  the greatest maritime disaster ever......but still there had to be a gun fight! 

    I'm surprised he didn't stick in a few car crashes too, and smashing into a fruit stand, or hitting a truck carrying all the empty water bottles . 

    No critic, at the time,  also mentioned the hundreds of continuity errors either, which were laughable. 

    Now of course, there are entire web sites, dedicated to pointing out the hundreds of mistakes .....and then it wins Best Picture.   Ughhhhh. 

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    Yes, several:

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Clockwork Orange

    Field of Dreams

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