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What does this quote/saying mean?

So I recently heard a new song from my favorite artist (Lil Peep) it goes 

“Cut my ties & take a breath, let the tide do all the rest.” So to me it meant let go of what u can’t control & I really liked that & wanted it tattooed but then I found out it’s 

“Cut my ties & hold my breath, let the tide do all the rest.” & I feel like saying hold my breath means more so wait instead of let go, so what do u think the actual saying means?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Cut my ties" expresses "letting go." "Hold my breath" expresses enduring. Instead of struggling against the tide, let the tide bring you to where you can take a breath again. It's a metaphor for not struggling against life, but when it gets hard, unbind yourself, take a breath and hold it, and then go with the flow until you can come back up for air, having faith that you'll be delivered.

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