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PLEASE HELP Why is my hair falling out in the shower?!?

I just got my hair dyed for the first time three days ago. It wasn’t the color I wanted so I went back and the hairstylist did a second layer of foil on some spots. I just washed it today and it instantly matted in the water. I used shampoo and tried to scrub my scalp and it made it worse. I couldn’t even run my fingers through it. After brushing for more than 20 minutes it was still knotted and my head didn’t even feel clean. I even tried brushing through it with a comb and conditioner and it wasnt doing much to get out the tangles. My hair was so knotted it was ripping out of my head and a ton of hair came out. What do I do??? I used to shower every day because my head gets very greasy. Please help.

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  • 1 month ago

    Never brush hair when wet it will damage it, trust me I stopped doing that about a month ago, as my hair was splitting and getting so thin at the ends, so stop brushing in hair when wet or damp, I even stop using my "wet" brush meant for wet or damp hair as that was doing damage. Call the salon and tell them, try using coconut oil masks, for moisture, you can add olive oil, castor oil, etc. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I all that hair from ONE shower???? Yikes!   NEVER EVER use a brush to comb out wet hair. It does pull your hair out. You should have used a wide tooth comb, and gently combed it out.  Do not force the comb to go through your hair. Call the stylist and tell her what happened.  Maybe she can fix it at no charge.

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