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Elvis Presley might have been murdered instead of dying of a heart attack? what do astrologers think by his chart progressions, transits?

I saw Mars square pluto, Mercury opposing Mars, Mars and Mercury conjunct, etc in his progressions, Transits and I think i saw Mars square Saturn or Mars opposing Saturn. IF he had a heart attack,,would you not see Mars and sun in bad aspect or Mars and Venus? or Pluto and Venus or Pluto and sun?

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    Presley died of a heart attack - period. There was never even a hint of a suggestion that he was killed by someone else.  He took so many pills the only mystery is why he lived as long as he did (42 years).

    There are a couple of indications of early death in his chart.  Jupiter, Lord ASC on the 12th cusp ruling the 4th. The 8th is the traditional house of death but I'm leaning more toward the 8th showing the manner of death and/or other deaths affecting the native and the 4th meaning game over. Jupiter is in a really wide square to Saturn and is disposited by Mars, but neither are particularly strong indications.  For what it is worth, Jupiter is the exaltation ruler of the 8th. 

    The Sun is the life force and the Sun is square Mars at the top of his chart.  Also there is no aspect between the Sun and Moon.  Keep in mind these indications are just that - indications, not guarantees.  Hugh Hefner had his natal Sun in the 8th which is supposedly a strong indication of a premature death and he lived to his 90s. JFK on the other hand ...

    I'll be back.

    EDIT:  Couldn't resist, so I peeked. Transits, by themselves are insufficient. They  trigger other stuff.  If you like predictive astrology, you have to learn the other stuff. One old method is to determine the hyleg and look for afflictions to the hyleg in directions, progressions, returns, etc, then last and least: transits.  Without going into a whole explanation, according to Ptolemy, the hyleg in Elvis' chart is Mars.  Mars is weak in detriment.  This is an indication of a short life, too. Other things to watch, the ruler of the natal 8th and 4th, and the natal angles.  The year Presley died, 1977, he was under the influence of two nasty primary directions: Saturn directed to the opposition of Mars, and Mars directed to the square of Saturn.  The Mars to Saturn direction perfected about a week after his death. His secondary progressed Moon (ruler of the 8th house of death) on the day of his death was in an exact quincunx to his natal Sun (life force).  The natal Sun is in the 2nd opposite the 8th and some claim that is like a weak 8th house position.  Make of that what you will. 

    The eyebrow raiser is the solar return for 1977.  The natal angles in a solar return are very important.  If the angles in the nativity are on the same angles or other  angles in the SR, even if only by sign, it is a significant year. If the degrees are nearly the same, it is very significant.  Presley's natal ASC is 12 Sagittarius and the 1977 SR MC is 11 Sagittarius. For most of us this indicates some kind of recognition.  Presley was already internationally famous.  So scandal or death are about the only things that would bring more attention at that time. Most solar returns are blah, but when something like this happens, it is noteworthy.  His solar return Moon is on the fixed star Acubens, which is associated with poisons (Robson).  His drug use is undisputed, and this puts the ruler of the natal 8th in the natal 8th via solar return while it is on the star associated with poisons, but in a different sign than the natal 8th cusp.  His solar return 8th cusp (Placidus) is very tightly conjunct his natal Mars (hyleg).  His drug use led to the heart attack.

    There is probably a lot more here, but this is all I have time for. If Elvis had a good astrologer, he probably would have been told to watch himself this year and lay off the drugs. And Elvis wouldn't have listened. 


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    First of all, heart attacks are primarily due to a combination of genetics and/or lifestyle choices.  Astrology is only an influence, and if the predisposition for something is there, the progressions/transits/solar arc directions may trigger something .. or they may trigger something related and maybe only psychological rather than physical. Or they may have no impact on the person.

    This is why it is so difficult to predict anything from astrology.

    Secondly, when looking for a trigger, according to Doris Chase Doane and her research ("Astrology: 30 Years Research"), you need to have (1) a major progression aspect and (2) a supporting minor aspect involving at least one of the planets involved in the major aspect (a semi-sextile, a quincunx, a sesquiquadrate, or a semi-square).  Then you need to have a strong transiting aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) of either transiting Sun or transiting Mars to either of those planets .. either their natal or their progressed position) in order to TRIGGER the progressed aspects.

    You would especially consider planets involved with the 1st House (the body) and the 6th House (any health that assails the body).

    Natal predisposition to a heart attack is associated with a strong association affliction to a natal planet in Leo or to the natal Sun.  Or to natal Venus or natal Jupiter afflicted and Pluto or Neptune prominent and afflicted.

    This predisposition is supposedly triggered by progressions afflicting the Leo planet or the natal Sun, a progressed affliction involving Venus of Jupiter at the same time a progressed aspect involves their Pluto or Neptune and a progressed aspect involves Mars.

    She says nothing about progressions that would involve murder, but I would suppose the 8th house (death) and the 12th (secret enemies) would be involved in the progressions.  This is not something I have ever studied ... nor have I ever studied heart attacks.

    Understand that astrology MAINLY affects what goes on inside of us, and perhaps Mars square Pluto means HIS heart "murdered" him.  Certainly his lifestyle and being overweight was enough to anyone to predict a heart attack.

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