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Question about an autistic person?

So I chatted with this person a few times back in 2011. I was sent some original music cues from a popular show back in the 90's from someone else who got it from the production company and I wasn't supposed to share it with someone. I made a mistake and shared it with the guy from 2011. That person promised me he would keep it to himself and never share it. It has been 10 years and he hasn't.

I recently listened to that track and it reminded me about it. Now I'm worried what if he ever does. He hasn't posted anything on his YouTube channel in 5 years, and I've never chatted with him since 2013.

I'm trying to think if I should send him a message and see how he is and remind him about not sharing it, or if I should just not say anything.... in FB messenger history one of our last convos he did tell me he expected more from me in that he had sent me multiple messages I hadn't replied to - I told him I didn't reply because he said he often uses email and doesn't check FB often. He apologized for how he reacted but said he did so because of some of his life experiences.

I hate to ask but he did mention about having Autism and I know that sometimes they can be in their own world so any advice? I'm not blaming anyone on having an illness like Autism but would that make someone more or less likely to keep a promise?

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    This question has NOTHING to do with autism and everything to do with your anxiety.  Why are your brain weasels mining events from TEN YEARS AGO?  What's going on in your life right now that's reminding you of that time?  You do know that even if those music cues escaped (do you really think that you're the only person they were shared with?) after all this time - nothing much will happen unless someone tried to monetize it?  Why are these thoughts keeping you up now?  What are you really trying to avoid thinking about?

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