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What Album is This?

I'm trying to find this album from a few years ago. I can tell you how the album cover looks like.

~There are two white people on the cover.

~If I remember, they were siblings.

~They're standing on/by what looks like the grand canyon.

~the ground/rocks where orange and it was a bright day on the album cover.

~I remember hearing one song from it in 2016 in a regal movie theater before they start showing anything on the screen, you'd only hear it if you were super early to the movie. Also they would play Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande during this time.

~They sung indie/folk/pop, like West coast vibes type of music.

~It might have been their debut album. 

~The Brother's name might be Clay.

This is as much information I have. If anyone has any suggestions or the right answer please help me out. I've been searching for days trying to remember who they are. Thank you so much.

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