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Could Trump wind up in a  Federal Prison soon? how soon and why think so?


maybe that is what they also threatened Mike Pence with IF he did what Trump was wishing him to do?  and why Pence backed down at the last minute?

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    Well,  in all honesty, as much  fun as it is to bash on Trump and point out all the crimes he surely is guilty of......there's a great number of issues here, that will most likely  keep him out of JAIL,  per se,  but found  guilty........oh HELL YES. 

    First and foremost, is the rather thorny issue of locking up a former president, and just the mere image that projects to the world.  That's why Ford pardoned Nixon, despite his clear and obvious guilt.   It wasn't that Nixon was innocent or had "suffered enough"......but we , as a country, didn't want to put an EX-President behind BARS.....(where he belonged) . So, he was pardoned  instead. 

    Then there's the second thorny issue of  putting someone who knows state secrets, behind bars.   That could go a lot of ways. 

    Now, not that he will be thrown in with the general population and have to deal with  Bubba in the shower........he would surely be sent to come  Club Fed country club type prison, with tennis courts, and a putting range and all that.......but still. 

    Thirdly,  many of his crimes are of a monetary nature and the punishments are going to be most likely ,  fines and financial settlements. Meaning they will hit him in the wallet......but doubtful there will be any jail time imposed,  because of the above considerations. 

    and if convicted of any FEDERAL the Capitol riot and any connection with all that, or election rigging, or vote tampering.....

    then it's highly likely,  that Biden would be forced to Pardon him,  as odious as it is,  and use it as an example of  "UNITY" and getting past all the ugliness and just  moving on........ which, could play well for him, actually......... even though many  WANT to see Trump behind bars. 

    But the reality of that is,  it's just a bad image to project to the world. 

    HOWEVER.......and here's the last thing.......the image of the Capitol being stormed, was also a HORRIBLE image to project to the world.......and perhaps the next  RIGHT image to project,   would in fact be,  locking up all those responsible ,  INCLUDING Trump. 

    THAT.......would be a powerful message in itself.   That dictatorship and insurrection  just does NOT  fly here, in the  United States.....and we have the rule of LAW.....and DEMOCRACY- 

    So in this EXTREME  case,  perhaps  showing the world Trump behind bars would actually be the RIGHT thing to do. 

    Lord knows prosecutors now have more than enough to work with......The Mueller obstruction charges,  his 27 personal lawsuits still pending,  the Capitol riot investigation,  the Emoluments Clause violations, the Nepotism law violations,  vote rigging, and election tampering,   campaign finance law violations...  and only god knows what, once they actually get to see his  TAXES.....and all the shady games he plays there. 

    I would say the rest of his LIFE , will be spent in court and he's probably headed for complete and total financial ruin. 

    which to him,  will be worse than prison. 

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     There's very slim chance of him getting put away zxjqkbcd

     . . . . . . . . . .


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    Fireing squad for traitors liberal commie that doesn’t believe in sissy jail because the law states excution 

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    for what........................

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    Some were asking so here are the current cases against Trump:

    The Manhattan District attorney case involving campaign finance donations. This is the one where Trump's lawyer already pleaded guilty. The Trump Organization is being investigated for tax fraud, insurance fraud, and falsifying records. Basically, why has Trump paid no taxes for several years? New York wants to know. Multiple women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, including rape. Most notably, one woman is said to have saved the dress with Trump's DNA on it.  Now that Trump is out of office, the case will proceed. The Scottish Government would like to know how Trump's golf courses have never turned a profit, yet they seem to funnel millions of dollars through there each year. They are investigating Trump for tax evasion. Lastly, and most importantly for Trump supporters to hear, Robert Mueller testified that there was enough evidence to have arrested Trump for obstruction of justice, and had he not been President they would have. Now that he's out of office, the case will proceed. 

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    No Biden doesn’t want a civil war. It just a impeachment trial like Clinton 

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    I'd say most Americans feel no one is above the law. With that as a given, citizen trump is no longer protected by the office. Thus, whatever investigations lead to wherever, I expect the law to move toward holding him accountable. It's not my call if he's culpable/guilty enough for a prison sentence. Let the chips fall where they may.

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    Trump hasn't been charged with any federal crimes as of Jan 22/21.  State charges are a different matter. .  

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    I doubt it.  First, he will face state charges.  I could see them putting him under house arrest if he's proven guilty, but due to security concerns, I doubt he sees the inside of a prison.  As for federal charges, time will tell.  More evidence is coming to light regarding his attempts to meddle in the GA election.  I think part of the reason they are waiting a week for the senate trial is to see what else turns up.  People are speaking out now as he is no longer a threat to them.  I expect to hear about even more acts of criminality on his part. 

    And to Oracle, who wanted to know what crimes h'es guilty of, I'm not sure as he hasn't been charged yet.  Charges will most likely include tax evasion in NYC and fraud, as he overvalued his property in order to secure loans (fraud), and undervalued them for tax purposes (tax evasion).  He could face federal charges for emoluments violations, and for obstruction of justice during the Mueller investigation. 

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    Name a crime for which he would be imprisoned. 

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    Its your wet dream, you tell us.

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