Why does the NHL insist on awarding a "participation ribbon" point to a team that loses an OT game?

With the shootout, all ties have been eliminated.  Every game ends with a winner.  Why not just base the standing on wins and losses?  NBA teams don't get anything for taking a team to overtime and losing, and in MLB teams don't get anything for losing in extra innings.  So why does the NHL award "loser points?"

It's idiotic.  Not as much as putting a runner on second base in extra innings, but close.


Leafsfan...you miss the point.  Now that no games end in ties, you don't need points at all.  Just base the standing on win and losses, like baseball and basketball.

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    You are correct.  Why?  They added the point back when games went to OT with no shootout.  So the point was incentive to not end in a tie.  To push offence and not defense.  Then they quickly switched to shootouts after OT and no game ends in a tie yet they kept the extra point.  WTF?  

    Although, I'd get rid of the shootout.  That's not hockey.

  • Because regulation ended in a tie!  Same thing for games which OT ends in a tie!  They're getting a point for tying!  Thanks for noticing something that's been around since 2005.  What people "have" suggested is that all NHL games be worth 3 points, where winning in regulation would be worth 3 points (they do this at the international level and it works).

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