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How to lose 30lbs?

I want to lose and keep off 30lbs, preferably by summer but I'm willing to wait longer. I'm not horribly overweight but I could definitely go without the extra 30lbs. I'm currently 150lbs and 5'5, so I'm aiming for 120lbs. What's the easiest way to do this in as little time as possible?

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    I’m not a personal trainer or a health advisor.

    Create a balance of diet an exercise.

    In my experience, I replaced red meat with good proteins like Chicken, Fish. Cut down on carbs, everyday your body burns those carbs instead of your actual fat. “Negative calorie” food also helps alot (tomatoes, carrots, etc)


    HIIT is the best calorie burning exercise ever. You burn more calories faster. Also recommend going 3 speed on a 12 incline for 30 minutes.

    GL on your journey!

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