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Do you need to be rich to comfortably live in California?

I've heard that you need a salary of over 100K per year for an average-sized home.

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    Good Dallas home buyers

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    Not everywhere in California.  Some parts are more expensive than others.

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    Homeless people aren't rich, and there's a WHOLE LOT of them.

    To be within about 50 miles of the coast, it can be expensive. There are counties bordering Nevada and Arizona that have "affordable" housing... as do a few counties south of the Oregon border.

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    1 month ago

    From watching what run down houses sell for on the Flip TV shows, the cost of living is high.

    Move to Central Mississippi or West Virginia. Houses are about 70% less. Of course,wages are lower too.  

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    1 month ago

    Not rich, but uh...well-off, or have family help with a down payment. I'm Californian, born and bred, and got shoved out of my state because I couldn't afford a house, even married with joint incomes. It's really hard and takes forever to save. It's not impossible, just very expensive. A lot of people are house poor in California, meaning they have the house, but can't afford to really do anything else except pay their mortgage and bills, barely scraping by.

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    Hard to say.  Every day there's a new article about the rich moving out.

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