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How do you grieve the loss of a dear pet? ?

A lot of people have pets, but rarely do you have that once in a lifetime kind of pet. One that is so unbelievably good and in tune with you. Well, I had just that, but She was swiftly and unexpectedly taken away from me. It's an event I will never forget. She helped me to heal after having a massive stroke (I'm 36 now) and I counted myself lucky that fate somehow brought us together. Since She has died, how can I cope with such a deep loss? 

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    Here is a site with people you can talk to, it was a big help for me when my dog passed.

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    You can't. It will just get easier with time, easier to laugh at her memory rather than cry. It will happen. You just have to grieve, cry, scream, and give it time. It's ok to be upset and sad a lot, even a few months after. Hell, sometimes a FEW YEARS after. No shame. This pet meant a lot to you, obviously, so there is no shame in crying when the mood strikes you. 

    But again, in a few years, you'll look back and remember the silly, sweet things your pet did and smile and laugh instead of cry. It will happen, but no one is rushing you now, so don't feel rushed at all to "get over it." And if people tell you to "get over it," punch them in the mouth. 

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