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Why is he copying me?  ?

My boyfriend and I have been together for awhile now. We’re best friends and are so happy together. We have very similar personalities as well. But I’ve been noticing lately that he is copying my phrases and how I pronounce words, even how I laugh. He changed his way of pronouncing certain words to how I pronounce them. He sometimes makes himself snort like I do, since I sort whenever I laugh. I started saying “honey” and “sweetie” whenever I’m making fun of someone, now he says the same thing when he is. And just phrases I’ll use, he will start using. Why is this? 

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    My boyfriend and I have been togther for almost 5 years and we are BOTH taking on each other's dialect, habits and phrases. I would never say he's copying me even though he has copied a lot of things I say and I do the same with him. Sometimes, it's just natural to adapt to the person you're with by taking on a lot of their habits and characteristics. If it's annoying and teasing, that's one thing, but if he's doing it because he wants to be like you and loves those qualities about you (like how you laugh) than I don't think it's a bad thing. Obv he likes these traits in you and wants to make them his as well. Some couples that are together so long adapt to each others' personalities and things they enjoy. It's a good feeling when you have that effect on someone who loves to incorporate those little things into their personality as well. I would embrace it!! <3

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    1 month ago

    He is not sweet. he is really insulting you

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