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Should I be worry if my White Blood count is high?

I was at the emergency sometime in Nov 2020 because of migraine like really bad migraine. All of my test came back good except my white blood count. Then this January 2021 I had blood work again and my WBC is still high and they recommend another lab work after 3 months. Is this something to worry about? what could be the cause of high WBC?

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    White Blood count means there may be some infection within the body to cause a high count. Think whether you have had some infection in the past that may linger or you took medication for some illness.

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    --  A high White Blood Count can show the possibilities of several illnesses, including blood cancers (either Leukemia or Multiple Myeloma etc.).

    --  You need to talk with your family doctor about the readings, and possibly he will send you to a  Haemotologist (blood specialist) who would do more extensive blood tests.

    Source(s): I have Multiple Myeloma which my kidney doctor noticed and sent me to a haemotologist who diagnosed the condition. I have had chemotherapy and tablets, and currently in remission.
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     Don't worry unless your family doctor brings this up zxjq

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    have you asked your doctor

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