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What am I suppose to say to my ex?

My ex bf broke up with me 4 months ago over text for no reason, we had to be long distance for a few months and previously he'd message me everyday but this time I always had to reach out to him first and then he decided he didn't have feelings for me (though he constantly kept the same story any thinking I'm really attractive and saying a bunch of things he likes about me.) I haven't had closure bc he still hasn't given me a reason as to why we broke up and he told me he thinks I'm annoying bc I keep wanting to know and that he finds me passive aggressive in the time we've broken up. What am I suppose to say? I think it makes sense I'm passive aggressive, we stayed "friends" bc I thought I could get back together with him a few times to no avail so now I'm no longer interested. So far I've only replied "ok."

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    As little as possible.  Don't waste time or effort thinking about it.  Worry about what's in front of you, not behind you.

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    "Supposed" to say, not "suppose". You're not supposed to say anything. It's over. You don't need to know his reasons in order to get closure, because you'll never know for certain and most importantly, it doesn't matter. They're his reasons and likely have nothing to do with you. Maybe he just got bored. Maybe he found someone he likes more. Maybe he realized he's gay. Doesn't matter. Even if he gives you a reason, you'll never know if it's the real reason or not so accept that and move the hell on. Stop contacting him.

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    i've been in the same situation here. my ex used to message me everyday until i was the one to start conversations. you deserve to know the reason why he broke up with you and you deserve so much better. hope it goes well for you.

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    You said "OK".  Now you have to mean it.  Leave him alone.  Say nothing.

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