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If you voted for Joe Biden what's the reason to why? (opinion) ?

(opinion) After researching between Trump and Biden, I voted for Trump because he's wanting America to thrive by cutting off China supplies and start manufacturing everything like the good old days that'd generate millions of jobs and our economy to thrive. In my opinion, Joe Biden's plan makes absolutely no sense. $15 minimum within a few years will hurt our economy, small businesses will suffer, EVERYTHING will be more expensive, big companies will have more of a reason to move to a different country because of the higher taxes and increased minimum wage, giving less opportunities in results for higher crime. Trump improved America's borders decreasing crime of all sorts, while Joe wants to remove/decrease the security of the borders, which increases all kinds of crime? I personally don't understand why ANYONE would like Joe... I know China Communist Party (CCP) played a big role to influence America's election because China disliked Trump's plans (including cutting China supplies,) and Biden being a pro-China, it's DISGUSTING. CCP has many concentration camps for free labor (and dark, shady other services) with Muslims... These are all factual sources, feel free to do your own research on any of what I've said. I'm just extremely curious as to why any American would vote for Joe Biden? 

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    I voted for Biden for one reason only.  He was not trump.  Trump is a sociopath.

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    I approve of the economic policies of President Biden. For example $15 minimum wage is good policy. The city of Seattle has shown all the economic theory against $15 minimum wage is wrong. Prices are not out of line. Workers have seen an increase in take home pay. None of your predictions happened. 

    Border crossings are at same level as in the Obama administration. 

    China is a competitor but Trump had the worst policies for dealing with them. By his standards he failed. President Biden will work against forced labor in China. He will delist companies that do.

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    I am almost as curious why anyone would still be stumping for a seditious retard like Trump.

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