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i need help in introducing myself. ?

to be specific, I'm not too good in talking about myself. i just cant think of anything i would think to share. for example I'm a young adult i like learning and reading history books. however this all seems too boring to share. its an assignment i have and reading other students replies it seems like they are all living exciting lives, ones a firefighter for goodness sake. anyway i guess I'm trying to have some help so i can sound more interesting. because take my word for it i am the boring person on earth. if any one could help me and provide a sample paragraph of what I could say that would help me sound more interesting. i have a pet cat, I'm a bio major, i wanna work in the med field however i think i wont get in so I'm using law school as a plan B. politics is my bag however i have a small issue of social anxiety so debates ain't going to rock my socks i guess. as a kid your mind runs wild so i guess being president is what i had hope to work my way to. but then again i only want power. but in all seriousness i do hope i can get some sample paragraphs on introductions on oneself. thank you very much and hope to read some soon. 

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