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Do you think that it’s selfish to elope under these circumstances? ?

1: The last time I got married l was 20. My mother wouldn’t let me have anything that l wanted. 

2: Same thing happened to my fiancé. His mother, FMIL, and deceased spouse planned everything 

3: There’s a global pandemic going on. 

4: We can have everything our way, and no one can say a darn thing about it. Plus we can have a honeymoon as well. 

5: We can have a big party later on after the pandemic is under control. 

6: We can send out post nuptial announcement after we get back. 

Would you elope? 

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    Don't see how it's "selfish" regardless of the choices you and your fiance decide to make regarding your own lives and your own wedding. It's selfish for other people to think differently!  I had a small wedding that took 5 weeks from proposal to completion and we both invited our parents to attend as guests. 

    We had a small wedding we paid cash for because we decided to spend that savings on our honeymoon and have had zero regrets about that decision. I know numerous people who eloped.. none of them appear to have regretted that decision either. I guess it would depend on how much power you give your childhood fantasies. I never dreamed of dresses or ritual. 

  • Trish
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    That's what you want... to elope.  I would think you might like to have a real dream wedding.  To each his own.

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    I'm not sure if you would even be safe from the pandemic by eloping, since you would be exposing yourselves to other people, to travel, etc. But otherwise, I think it would be just fine.In normal times, I would even suggest that you consider taking a cruise for your honeymoon. You could get married by the ship's captain and celebrate on board! How lovely that would be.

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    I don't think there's anything selfish about doing what you both want to do. The pandemic gives you even more reason to elope, but even if we weren't in the midst of a pandemic I still don't think it would be selfish at all. Have fun!

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    I agree with you 100%/  Go elope, have it your way, and hav a wonderful honeymoon. If someone says something to you about it, Just tell them " I DID IT MY WAY".........THEN TELL THEM  Subject is off the table, and walk away from them.

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