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What does probable court costs mean? ?

Probable court cost, $211 something. On a judgement for a garnishment that didn’t end up going through. Do I still owe the ‘probable court cost’ even though my wages didn’t end up being garnished ? 

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    Probable means that it is an estimate.  Typically, the party filing a case has to pre-pay those costs.  They include things like the expense of serving the pleadings (e.g. on the employer for a garnishment) which could be higher or lower.  Other costs are set fees which will definitely be part of the costs.

    After the case is resolved, the court will assess costs -- usually against the losing party.  Costs are a judgment which can be collected by various means including a garnishment.  If the final costs come in less than the estimated cost, the excess will be refunded to the party that made the cost deposited.  

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    This is a guess at how much your action cost the taxpayers.  

    Yes, you need to pay it, unless you prefer sitting in a jail cell.   

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