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Fmla questions HR ?

So Hr told me I am eligible to apply for intermittent fmla for my asthma. But I got confused when she said I have to take the time off today already because if I call out sometime in february it wouldn't be fmla call off. I don't get it? I mean isnt it once you get approved for fmla your hours shouldn't matter anymore? coz from what it sound like to me is she is basing my hours for future fmla calls even if I passed the 1250 hours already. Im so confused, it sounds like even if i get fmla then i get flare up call off from work they will not recognized it as fmla call off.

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    The hours required to qualify are on a rolling basis.  So every day, they can look back 365 days and compute.  That said, you only need enough hours to qualify WHEN YOU APPLY.  Once approved, it does not matter.

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    You have changed reasons for intermittent FMLA and eligibility dates so many times in the last week, I no longer believe you have a job to request leave from.

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