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Why would Germany want a war with Russia over Serbia? Didn't the Nazis learn their lesson? Or do they want revenge for WW2 loss?

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    NATO vs outdated and mutinous Russian forces.

    Not looking good is it Vlad?

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    A: The Serbia issue was WW1.

    B: Germany never wanted a war - with the Soviet Union or anyone else. They were only protecting Austria's interests after the Soviet Union threatened to take Serbia's side. Germany warned the Soviets to stay out of it - and if things would have ended here, there wouldn't have been a war beyond what might have been ignited between Austria and Serbia.

    C: The Nazis had nothing to do with it.

    The "Anonymous" identity suggests that this is nothing but a troll question.

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    You are so far out if I don't know where to begin. First off Serbia was involved in WWI. Second Germany supported Austria which had the beef with Serbia. Germany did so because Austria was liberally their only friend in Europe at the time. Also the GErman military knew they were in for a reckoning with Russia and doing so sooner was better that later.

    Source(s): G.J. Meyers "A World Undone - The Story of the Great War"
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    this time the US is on the Germans side !!

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