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My shoes were taken hostage, should I call the police?

First I’ll start by saying that I’m 22 and I don’t drive, I have a condition that causes a lot of memory problems. I was visiting my mother, and we went to the public swimming pool, after coming out I grabbed a pair of shoes I thought were mine because I have a pair just like them at home and I didn’t remember which shoes I came in with, I just saw these ones and thought they were mine. They were dollar store sandals. While in the car I remembered that I was wearing a different pair of shoes, my $200 pair of shoes actually and my mother had somewhere she needed to be so she called her boyfriend (who’s in another car behind us) and she asked him to take me back to grab my shoes. The people that owned the shoes were still there, my mothers boyfriend told me to wait because he was going to talk to them for a minute. He gave them MY $200 pair of shoes and told them to drive 4 km away and wait there because I’ll be walking there to get them apparently to punish me for “stealing” I’m just wondering if I should call the police or what I should do, I know the dollar store shoes weren’t mine but it is known that I do have a condition that causes to to forget in situations like this, and I honestly had no idea. My mothers boyfriend doesn’t particularly like me so I think that’s the real reason.. I’m 22 years old it’s ridiculous. What can I do besides play his game, to get my shoes back? This just happened 


The pools are open here, it depends on where you live, it’s not a sad story, my mothers boyfriend was just being a dick and I wanted to know what to do about it. 

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    By alk means call the police.  They can put out an all points bulletin for the shoe thieves.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Public pools are not open and  I do not believe your sad story.

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    call the cops............

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