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Trumpers, what evidence do you have (if any) that the election was stolen from Trump?

Like seriously?

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    There is no evidence although they love to pretend there is and if only people would look at it.  Guess what, it was looked at and the following was determined:

    Lawyers from Trump's legal teams stated in court that the majority of affidavits turned out to be either fake or reported actions that were actually legal.  Many others reported that people told them that they overheard from others than someone else said something happened.  Hardly a reliable source of evidence.

    Rudy and other members of Trump's legal teams stated in court that the cases they were pursuing had nothing to do with fraud.  If they had such strong evidence why did they fail to, or refuse to, present it.

    In one case an affidavit was presented from a "security expert" presenting evidence that votes cast exceeded the voters registration list.  The only problem was this individual used votes cast in one state and the voters list from another.

    Votes were claimed to be fraudulent as the people casting them were currently residing outside of the state they cast their votes in.  It turned out that, at least in the case of the majority of them, they were cast by members of the US Military and their dependents who had just been posted or deployed.  In such cases this type of voting is completely legal under state and federal law.

    Then there was Rudy's star witness who claimed that votes cast were 120% of actual voters.  When questioned by Republican members of the hearing about proof of this and other claims she basically accused them of fraud.  A review of votes vs registered voters showed actual voter participation was around 50%.

    One of my favorites was a claim that voting machines in one region "flipped" over 940,000 votes from Trump to Biden.  The problem with this is that Trump received over 670,000 votes and only 1.3 million were cast.  If the machines flipped these votes then Trump supporters are claiming that Trump should have received around 1.6 million votes when only 1.3 million were cast.  Proof of attempted voter fraud on the part of Republicans or just people who cannot count and live in a fantasy world?

    Then there is the case of "dead people voting" of which a whole 7 votes were identified, 3 were found to be cast by people still living almost immediately and 1 confirmed alive at a later date, 1 was confirmed to have been sent by mail prior to the person passing away and 1 was fraudulently obtained by the son of a woman who had recently passed away leaving 1 unconfirmed last I heard.  Oh, and the one vote fraudulently obtained and cast was for Trump.  

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    Trump did lose. But many of the egregious changes to state election laws due to covid were illegal and did not follow the rule of law. Sadly many believe that kind of behavior is ok if you get the right result. God help us. 

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    Well, let's see.. there was that drunk woman that saw a van pull up.  There was a video of votes being transported in a wheeled carrier.  There were affidavits signed by people who don't know how elections work.  There were lots of unfounded rumors spread by right-wing outlets disguised to look like news.  There were GOP observers who got to get just as close to the counting as the Democratic observers, but whined anyway.  Then they lied and said they were never allowed in the building.

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    The Hundreds of  GOP  Affidavits from  claiming  Millions of votes  were change by the DEMS Targeting only  counties within the states. While also making sure they only win by a believable amount.   PLus Trump Told it is True and that is fact me and all orange people like me and him   believe to be true. Trust me

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    Wrong affidavit of these voter cases were hearsay and hear say isn’t legal wow fake lawyers on this site 

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    Wait, wait, wait.....evidence????

    Since when do you give a rat's behind about evidence???? seriously???

    There's actual proof of LIBERALS insurrection.

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    Trump is now retired.  You need to move on snowflake.

    Oh and about affidavits:  "A voluntarily sworn declaration of written facts. Affidavits are commonly used to present evidence in court."  (cornell_law)  

    "An affidavit is a voluntary, sworn statement made under oath, used as verification for various purposes. Once signed, the document is legally binding and the person signing is subject to being charged with perjury if the affidavit contains false information."  (legaldictionary)  

    "Affidavits are used whenever there is a reason to swear an oath of any nature, for instance- in passport requirements, divorce proceedings, property disputes, debt cases among others."  (legaldesk_com)   

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    They will say there are affidavits.   Affidavits from people just as mental as they are. 

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    1 month ago

    They HAVE no evidence, just spurious claims.

  • 1 month ago

    Hundreds of affidavits from poll workers is enough for me.

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