What's a good low-cost, weather-proof motion sensor light for outdoors?  Please name some actual products, instead of saying to do a search?


Battery-run devices would be particularly appreciated.  (Not solar).  

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    1 month ago
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    The best ones I've come across are the Mr Beams brand available both in US and UK.  Obviously they're not as good as wired in but they are rugged.  Mine have survived three Scottish winters with briny sideways rain which is the longest any non-wired lights have lasted so far.  It's important to get good batteries too.  Ideally Li batteries as these do low temps best, but failing that Varta longlife do a good job, I usually get a year out of a set despite the motion detectors catching the neighbour's small bladdered dog every time it goes outside.

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    Good and low-cost don't necessarily go together. Hardly ever, in fact. I've had very good experiences with Mr Beams lights. They are not cheap to buy, but you aren't likely to be buying new ones in six months as you might with much cheaper ones. The first ones I had lasted about four years. MB390 is the product number of those. They needed batteries twice a year. The ones I have now are LED, a dual fixture. They last quite well on the batteries, at least a year so far and one set of these lights comes on at least 6 times a night in winter. MB3000 is their model number. And I find them easier to deal with than the MB390 which I always found difficult to open to change the batteries.

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    I got the least expensive one Wal-Mart offers years ago and it works flawlessly.  The basics are simple.  Anything over that and you're paying for esthetics

  • CB
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    1 month ago

    I have had pretty good luck with this (for the last year). Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights upgraded Solar Panel to 15.3 in2 and 3 modes(Security/ Permanent On all night/ Smart brightness control )with IP65 Waterproof with Wide Angle(2pack)

    From Amazon.

    I have one facing south and one facing north - no problems with re-charging and one will light up the back yard of a 1/2 acre lot.

    If you have a 120v lamp outlet- these are very good too - sensitive and very bright 

    LEPOWER 28W LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, 3000LM Motion Security Light, 5500K, IP65 Waterproof, (amazon)

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  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    https://www.toolstation.com/wessex-led-pir-floodli... I bought one of these. It lights my drive up like daylight.

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