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Where can I buy the wheel for the thermostat in my apartment ?

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    I would find an old one on eBay or ask my friendly local heating technician if they have one laying around for a dollar.  An entire new one is $20, or find one for "parts" at half that.

    My collection is about ten of these, so far, as they are getting hard to find with the mercury switch inside and I have over 18 heating zones and low-temp alarms that use them.

    Try eBay with the Honeywell mechanical thermostat.  The mercury ones are close to $100 for the whole thing.

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    Presume you are an owner not a renter.  I replaced several thermostats like that with newer ones which are digital and allow you to vary the temperature by time of day but they need a c wire.  Trivial to do.  Take it off the wall carefully to see if there are 3 wires or just 2.  The c wire goes to a low voltage transformer and is needed for the digital display.  It will not be connected to anything in this unit but may be there anyway.  Look around.

    Honeywell has a good wifi connected thermostat that you can talk to and set remotely.  It does a/c as well as heat, costs around $60.  Just stay away from Nest which requires a monthly fee - what a rip-off.

    If you have no c wire, buy a new wheel from Amazon.  Snaking a wire through the wall is not trivial.

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    That is the landlord's responsiblity. That looks like an older style & may be harder to find.  Some hardware stores may still carry them though.  

    YES hardware stores do sell just the wheel. The older ones are harder to find but they do indeed sell them.  They break off all the time. 

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    1 month ago

    They should replace that for you.

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