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I think I may have cheated on my girlfriend ?

Me and my girlfriend have been in a great relationship the past 8 years. She is truely the one. 5 years ago I went to visit a buddy in school. We all got really really drunk and the night is a blur. At one point we were at his friends house with a bunch of girls drinking. I don’t remember much at all and I’ve never really thought about the night in all these years. Anyways lately I have this sudden fear that I cheated on my girlfriend on that night and had sex with someone but can’t remember. What should I do, should I tell my girlfriend, please help. 

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    Aw baby ('boy'), you have a bit of an OCD problem. Yours is called pure O.

    You most probably didn't cheat on your gf and if you did, she should forgive you for being such a loving, adorable weirdo. =)

    Look into pure O and maybe some talking therapies would help. Just knowing you have it will help. Also, maybe drinking yourself into oblivion isn't a good idea.

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    If you were really as drunk as you claim is my guess that Mr Johnson would be out of commission too. So unless there's something else you are not telling, I'd leave this one alone. After all you don't know or remember anything happening. 

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         I  wonder why this is surfacing now; you must have thought of it before now. You already made this decision once before or you would have said something before now. Is there a chance she will find out now? You probably don't have aids if they were just party girls. 

         Have you gotten control of the drinking? 

         If she asks say you are sorry but the answer is yes and then let Her say whatever she has to say. Give her time to settle down and get her head straight. Just don't add lying to the problem. To her, it will seem like it was last week. If your relationship is as good as you say she will probably forgive but never forget.  Hopefully, she won't use it as leverage to get what she wants but if she does give her with in reason what. ever it is. She has every right to demand you stop drinking.  And then move on.  Grampa B


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    Do not bring up something that may or may not have happened five years ago! It will only be hurtful and cause problems, and you are , I assume, faithful to your girlfriend and will continue to be in the future. Do not cause her pain by discussing anything that maybe didn't even happen, and is ancient history in any case! 

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    Unless you are looking to destroy your relationship it's best you just live with whatever you did.  Frankly telling someone you don't remember what happened is a lot worse than knowing what happened.  You can either learn that the hard way or keep your mouth shut. 

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    1 month ago

    Same question, same answer: 

    You need to figure out what's motivating you

    to suddenly want to destroy her, and your

    relationship with her. Because that is exactly

    what you would be doing... and you don't even

    know for sure anything even happened.

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    In crime there is "mens rea" and "actus rheas".  A guilty mind or a guilty act. We have clouded that for road issues by saying "If you get drunk you remain as guilty as if you planned the collision sober".  In most other cases you cannot be guilty if the INTENT was not present.

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    Sorry bro - I cannot buy that you were so drunk as to not remember one thing about a sexual encounter, but not be so drunk that you could not perform the act. Usually so much booze that washes away or severely clouds memory keeps a guy's little friend from functioning properly.   My guess is you feel the way you do because you know (or were told) you cheated.

    That said - no I do not think you should tell her.  You should get tested for STDs (even though it has been 5 years).... just to be safe - to keep her safe - and to give you that piece of mind.

    Then, since you are not really sure.... I see no reason whatsoever to cause her pain and heartache over something that may not have happened.   IF you are CERTAIN you did cheat (or can find out for sure) then only you can decide if she is capable of hearing it and your relationship strong enough to deal with the fall out.

    If you choose to take this to your grave - so be it.  Just let it be THE reason you are 1,000% commited every day to her the ways she deserves since she is "the one."

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