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I keep feeling tingling? ?

So i slipped and feel down some stairs and nearly broke my arm, i got a huge bruise on my left arm and a pretty big scar on my shoulder.

I choose not to go to the hospital though and just rested for a while.

My arm still hurts and i keep feeling tingles in both of my arms, feet and sometimes even my neck.

I get that you usually get that when you sit down for a long period of time etc.. but i have this almost everyday now.

I had that stuff happen before but that barely ever happened.

I also had a few headaches that went away pretty quickly but then came back and so on and so fourth. 

 i thought it was because i was lying down for a long time but i started doing my normal everyday stuff and it's still happening.

Could this be related to me falling down the stairs and hurting myself?and does it sound like it could be something serious?

Should i visit my doctor?

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    1 month ago

    yes you should.............

  • 1 month ago

    It sounds suggestive of nerve damage. For example you can get tingling in your fingers from a trapped ulnar nerve in the elbow if you sit with your elbows bent too tight.  Now what caused that tumble? Did you black out before it happened? If so, then seeing the doctor could be very important for neurological reasons. What if you did actually break your arm?  It may help to ask the doctor about the tingling anyway and they may be able to recommend physio or appropriate medication.

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