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is eating half junk and half healthy bad?

this is my diet. i do not drink soda or any sugary beverages but i eat chocolate. if i eat pizza i will eat broccoli or something like black beans with it instead of chips. i'll cook a burger and eat asparagus with it. ham sandwich and cooked carrots. is this a wierd diet??


no i like meat

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    Ideally, a person's diet should be at least 80% healthy. As for pizza being healthy or unhealthy or in between, depends on what's on it and the type of crust. Eating a side of broccoli doesn't change the nutritional value of the pizza (and generally people eat more of the main entrée (pizza) than they do a side item (broccoli). 


    The burger is the same way. Depends on what the meat is (beef or other, and what % fat), what type of bun, and what else is on it, to determine whether it has any healthy benefits or not. Eating asparagus with it is fine, but doesn't change the nutritional value of the burger. 


    No, it's not odd to eat pizza or burgers (or what may be generally considered fast food or junk food) and have a healthy side instead of fries or something fatty/low nutrition. It's not super common, but not odd. At least you are sure to get SOME nutrients from the veggie side items you consume (and hopefully some good nutrition from your main entrees as well).

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    It's half bad. See what I did there?

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    You're not the only one doing that, and yes it helps. The only thing it doesn't do is send a political message to make the various anti-meat groups happy. You may find the more you get into it, that you will no longer like pizza. Consider adding steamed spinach two or 3 times a week then you may be able to cut the dairy and meat back further still. 

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