What is wrong with this guy ?

About a year ago, there was a guy who I thought seemed cool and I wanted to get to know him better, so I asked in the most delicate way if he’d be down to hang out but he ignored me after that for a while. Recently, after accidentally stumbling across him in person and he noticed what I look like after a big weight loss transformation, he runs to social media, unblocks every single one of my accounts (mind you, literally the only reason I was blocked to begin with is cause he didn’t fancy me) and now is hitting me up trying to earn his spot in my life. I get having preferences, not saying he chooses what he’s attracted to but how come he couldn’t even be bothered to show a tad bit of respect before and now he needs to hear from me so bad? I told him I’m no longer interested but he still won’t back off and respect that. 


I’m fully aware that he’s showing me “attention” now however it isn’t attention for the right reasons. 

Update 2:

Shakil: Lol what’s the point? You literally just repeated everything I said? Where’s an actual answer 

Update 3:

Although you did probably word it better than I did lol ^ 

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    1 month ago
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    He's allowed to not be attracted to women who look the way you once did, and to be attracted to women who look the way you do now.

    But that doesn't excuse blocking you for not being hot enough. He was never open to having a friendly, cordial relationship. He didn't care if he failed to respect you as a human being. He didn't mind hurting your feelings by snubbing you far more harshly than necessary. He only wanted someone hot, and he had--and still has--that standard because he's only interested in sex.

    Block him, forget him. You can do better.

  • 1 month ago

    I don't get what you're asking here exactly. Obviously he's a guy that only values looks. Block him or report him for harassment if he continues after you say no. He's literally showing you that he's shallow

  • 1 month ago

    About a year back, there was a person who I thought appeared to be cool and I needed to become acquainted with him better, so I asked in the most sensitive way on the off chance that he'd be down to hang out however he overlooked me after that for some time. As of late, after inadvertently discovering him face to face and he saw what I resemble after a major weight reduction change, he rushes to web-based media, unblocks each and every one of my records (mind you, in a real sense the lone explanation I was obstructed in any case is cause he didn't extravagant me) and now is hitting me up attempting to acquire his spot in my life. I get having inclinations, not saying he picks what he's pulled in to however why he was unable to try and be tried to show a slight bit of regard previously and now he needs to get with me so awful? I revealed to him I'm not, at this point intrigued however he actually won't chill out and regard that.

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