I added a light kit to an existing ceiling fan and light won turn on what might i have screwed up?

Lights wont turn on but fan works. There is a double switch on the wall one does nothing other turns fan on, i was hoping the other was wired to the other wall switch not sure if it is.  What might i have done wrong, or is there something i can do to get it so the light turns on other than removing the whole thing? I'd rather have the light than the fan


yeah i tied blue to black and white to white as it said to do in the kit, never really mentioned any other color options in the kit directions. its probably a 30 year old fan, the wires did have stickers on them saying the blue and white were for the light, there were also bundles of other wires i think pink, red and maybe yellow from memory without taking it apart again

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  • 1 month ago

    Coming out of the ceiling are wires.   Use a voltage meter and you can see what is live when switch 1 is turned on and what are live when switch 2 is turned on.    If the ceiling fan is already hooked up then check the wires where the light kit goes.  

  • 1 month ago

    you can wire both the fan and the light to the hot lead [when switch is on] in the connections.  or, you can get a multimeter and find out what that other switch does ...  Grampa

  • T C
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    1 month ago

    When you removed the cap for the light kit, there should have been a blue wire (capped) inside there … that is the light wire.

    ((Coming out of fan at ceiling box))

    Black – to supply (power) for fan

    Blue – to supply also- for light ((UNLESS you have another separate power source.  White – shared common            see note ↓ below))

    Green or bare – ground 


    If the one wall switch you assume is for light has been wired for a light… there should be (most likely) a red wire (or could be black or taped with black tape) in the ceiling box, which will provide a separate power source for the light. …

    IF NOT tie the blue for light and black for fan with the black power supply out of box.

  • y
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    1 month ago

    Did you have an extra wire when you pulled out the fan?

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