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Rats foot fell off? Help?

My rats foot got caught in his hammock a few days ago and at first it was red and swollen and he was limping on it. The next day it was kind of purple but didn't seem to cause him any pain. Yesterday it was red and appeared to just be bone, today it's just gone. What do I do? I can't take him to the vet because my parents say its fine and I have no way of getting him to the vet or even calling the vet without my parents. It doesn't seem to cause him any pain. 

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    OK, so you have a handicapped rat. It will heal and your ratty will adapt and do just fine.

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    You can't put the foot back! If it doesn't look infected now, just keep the enclosure cleaner than you usually do for a while until it is fully healed.  

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    He likely chewed off his foot.  Keep him on clean flooring to reduce the chance of infection.  Hopefully the injury won't get worse. 

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    Keep a close eye on him to make sure he can't get hurt on anything else. I'm not sure what type of cage you have him in, but I would try to keep him on a single level for now. You could move his food, water, and some hideouts to a single level.

    Try to convince your parents to let you call or email the vet, this could be a serious problem for your rat.

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