Solve please ?

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  • 1 month ago

    This is like your previous questions, and probably easier than before.  Are you actually learning from these or are we just doing your homework?

    f(x) = x² + 7x and g(x) = 5/x

    g(f(t)) means the output of f(t) is the input into g(x) so we need an expression for f(t), first.  Just substitute t for x and that's it:

    f(x) = x² + 7x

    f(t) = t² + 7t

    Now use this as the input into g(x):

    g(x) = 5/x

    g(t² + 7t) = 5 / (t² + 7t)

    That's it.  Nothing else to simplify, here.

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