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I have an old Sears model Winchester 30/30 I got from my dad recently.  I bought Winchester 30/30 ammo and loaded it up to check the action.?

The rounds load into the magazine nicely, but it tends to jam when I actuate the level to load/eject a round.  For example, I was not able to simple repeatedly cock the rifle and have the unspent rounds eject.  The rounds repeatedly jammed and I had to turn the rifle over and shake the rounds out one at a time after chambering them.  So I have a few questions: 1) Could I be using the wrong ammo? It's Winchester 30/30 ammo (hallow point) in a Winchester 30/30, but I don't know if there are multiple variations of this ammo's dimensions for some reason.  2) The rifle is extremely clean, and it hasn't been fired in probably 40 years.  Could it maybe just need a bit of CLP or something; is there a specific spot I should apply it for this issue?  If not these things, does anyone familiar with this weapon know if maybe this is a general problem with Sears model Winchesters?  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks much!

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    First thing YOU should have done was to clean the rifle. That is a Winchester model 94. Also be certain you have the CORRECT ammo for a lever action rifle. Those are ROUND NOSE OR FLAT NOSE bullets. NOT pointy ones since it uses a tubular magazine. Pointy bullets with the point resting against the primer of the round in front of it CAN BE dangerous.

    Run a cleaning rod through the magazine tube just as you would the bore. Make certain the magazine follower can travel the length of the magazine tube easily without hanging up.The rifle looks to be in EXCEPTIONAL condition. I doubt there are any issues that a good cleaning won't fix. I bet the old oil has turned to varnish and gumming up the works : )

    We say goook

    Certainly if you look on youtube there are plenty of videos for a Winchester model 94 tear down and re-assembly.

    Sir, I would be very proud of being the new caretaker of your Dad's very nice rifle. That Sir, is a very good hunting gun. No scope needed for it's purpose. Deer, hogs, or whatever, a very well rounded utilitarian good for most anything rifle.

    You have a family heirloom there to pass down to YOUR children as your Father did. A gun like that will last MANY generations. Congratulations Sir. And sorry for the loss of your Dad, but he left one of his favorite possessions in your care.

    ADDED : although I do not see one, a dent in the magazine tube would also cause this.

  • Robin
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    All the time the hammer is in the rearward position the lever is locked 

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    The rifle is most likely a Winchester-manufactured model that was made in 1964 or sometime thereafter.  The carrier (which lifts the next round up for chambering) could be slightly bent, as they were made from stamped metal, or possibly the spring on the carrier might have weakened.  Don't attempt to fix it yourself.  Take it to a gunsmith.

  • C T M
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    To add to Bobby's answer, it could be elevator related, if the spring goes bad it can cause the elevator to hang and interfere with ejection. More than likely Bobby has it right though.

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    Gunsmith time. you may have a damaged extractor, and/or a bad magazine.

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