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Which inane, vacuous, trivial detail will conservatives seize upon in their quixotic attempt to demonize Joe Biden?

Perhaps Biden will utter the word "arugula." Or maybe he'll wear a tan suit, or he'll use Dijon mustard. Or perhaps Jill Biden will wear a pantsuit. Who knows?!?

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  • 1 month ago

    We don’t have to demonize the first family,. They are doing a great job all on their own.  Joe’s Alzheimer’s the wonderful ( no so beautiful ) dr Jill being so kind taking homemade cookies to the thousands of national guards sleeping in parking garages, that weren’t even needed.....great start for a ****** administration. Oh but the liberal media says that the national guards scared Trump supporters. And Jills kindness puts her right under the pope. Because they are devout Catholics

  • 1 month ago

    Gee... that sounds so familiar...isn't that exactly what the democrats have been doing to President Thump and his wife Melania? They plumited him every minute and every hour of every day for 4 years. They even attacked their minor son and Trump's hair. 

    GOOD GRIEF, grade school chit that we all had to deal with every day.When Mrs.Trump wore high heels, she was made fun of. But, when Harris wore heels they were complimented .It is a bunch of childish BULLSHIT slung from both sides of the aisle.It reminds me of the time I was forced to listen to my children, who were arguing in the back seat of my car, when one of them complained "Mommy, he is looking out my window"!Iam totally embarassed by our politicians who are all corrupt and covering their own and each others' @sses while deflecting attention from themselves as they play the blame game.

    If I did not have a life, own my home mortgage free, have family and friends that I love here in America, I would leave tomorrow.

  • 1 month ago

    Perhaps that on his first day in office, he killed 110000 good jobs and erased women's sports. I know those are trivial compared to creating a great economy or  peace deals in the Middle East or developing covid vaccines in less than a year.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If he extols the nutritional value of the Belgian endive over that of arugula, it will be even worse for his reputation

    . He’ll be accused of being a globalist.

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  • JOHN B
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    1 month ago

    Tit for tat. The libs asked for it during the Trump administration. He couldn't walk, talk, straighten his hair, scratch his cheek, bend over, straighten his tie or drink a glass of water without being publicly berated.

    I don't believe it's remotely possible to reach the heights of trivia, criticizing and disrespect that the libs reached.

    I'm ashamed to have ever been exposed to them.

  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Well he has been in office 4 days and has already put thousands of people out of work by closing down Keystone. Even Trudeau is upset. 

  • 1 month ago

    Just his policies, so far it is terrible. Which do you like more?

    Ending 11,000 plus jobs

    Killing more of the unborn

    Making America less safe

    Putting troops back into a war zone

  • Scozbo
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    1 month ago

    Probably not his orange complexion

  • 1 month ago

    You left out his bad hair plugs

  • 1 month ago

    Which inane, vacuous, trivial detail did leftist seize upon in their quixotic attempt to demonize Donald Trump?

    I corrected your question. There are only about 1000 answers.

    Conservatives are not trying to demonize Biden. We ARE pointing out several SERIOUS issues to which he has admitted on tape.

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