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My house-call barber (who was stoned) pushed my hairline back, but I didn’t notice until he left. Should he have cut me for free next time?

Since he’s been cutting my hair for years, I made the mistake of not checking my bathroom mirror before paying him (he cut my hair in the kitchen).  After I walked him to the door, I went to bathroom & noticed my entire hairline pushed back.  This was on March 1st, so even though COVID was tame, I didn’t feel comfortable going to a barber shop.  So I scheduled for him to come back on March 21st.  When I told him to cut my hair to the length of the hair that grew back on the edges, he didn’t ask me why my hairline was pushed back.  So I’m assuming he was too stoned on March 1st to realize what he did, & that he assumed another barber did that.  Like a spineless jellyfish, I didn’t tell him, & therefore spent $40 ($15 for the cut, and $25 for gas/tolls).  When he first started doing house calls, he told me to please be considerate of his expenses.  Therefore, he didn’t charge me a specific amount for the gas/tolls, and basically treated those expenses as if I’m tipping him for gas/tolls — whatever amount I want to give.  So I decided $25.  Therefore, I paid him $40 twice in 3 weeks (March 1st and March 21st), but I normally get a haircut every 5 to 6 weeks.  So I feel ripped off.  Should he have waived the “convenience” (gas/tolls) fee?

That was the last time I got a haircut.  So for 10 months, I haven’t seen my barber nor have I been to a shop.  So my pushed hairline is now water under the bridge, thanks to all the money I’ve saved.  But it’s the principle of the matter.


Correction: $15 for haircut, $5 for the tip, and $20 for the gas/tolls.   (Typo)

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    I smell a troll

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah sounds fair but make sure he's not stoned next time.

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