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How did Biden get out of military service?

Asthma must be far worse for recruits than bone spurs.

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    He graduated high school in 1961,   at that time we only had a limited number of advisors in Vietnam.    So there was minimal draft at the time.  118,586 were drafted in that year.   So he went to college.   We did not get heavy into Vietnam until 1964,  after Kennedy was killed and after Johnson faked up the Gulf of Tonkin Incident to get Congress to support going to war.    By then Biden was 3 years into college and beyond the normal draft age of 18-19.           Since you brought up Trump,   he finished high school in 1964 and was the perfect age to be drafted at the time.    In 1964 we drafted 112, 386 but the next year it was double that number.   

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    Asthma is a PDQ to this day.  Trump has never shown any sign of limping or his bone spurs bothering his incessant golfing.  In fact, he brags a handicap a pro golfer would kill for , so clearly his bone spurs don't bother him  much. 

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    Asthma then and today is a disqualification for entry into the US military services.

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    He had/has asthma.

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