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Have you ever hummed a song from a foreign culture and did not know the whole story for a given song?

Have you ever hummed a song from a foreign culture and did not know the whole story for a given song?

For example, I was born in 1986 and I'm from Poland I have Asperger Syndrome even trough I was suspected for having ADD before they found that I have Asperger's Syndrome, I was born under communism but not remember that time very much because much of my childhood years was 90's when Poland slowly recovering from 45 years of communism, we even had joke what's a worth case of infertility 45 years of diplomatic intercourse of Polish-Soviet relationship xD

On boy there was also a member of ZHP Polish National Scouting Association, he said that I should talk me mom into Scouting that is totally free and loot of cool adventures outdoor I said I doubt she would sign me because she was very lovely and good mum but also overprotective and I had ADD with later was turned to be Asperger and I had a very mild form of Epilepsy and allergy for virtually every plant here in Poland

He thought me several Polish and not only Patrtioc and scouting song


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(English subtitles included )

or this one



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But also foreign like this one from France, we didn't speak French :-)


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But also very popular Polish cover/translation of Scottish song


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Or this song


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Or this one that one is from America


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But our therapist back then with a degree in History and special education with a specialization in ADHD and Autism was an activist of the so-called "fighting solidarity", that is...

Update 2:

NSZZ Solidarność militias during the communist era said whether he knows what the song is the anthem of the American Confederates, i.e. such American proto-fascists, but they were beaten, among others by Poles fighting in the forces of the Union Arny in. the Battle of Gettysburg, that migrated to the United States in the nineteenth century...

Update 3:

 in search of a better life, but probably not many Americans remember it, just as the British do not remember who protected their skies in the Battle of England

What if we want to sing an American military song, it is better, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, that Polish-Americans and Polish-British living abroad also helped "Solidarność" a lot financially and nice gentlemen from the CIA and MI6, everyone knows that

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    A friend of mine from here on YA, and who lives in Mexico sent me one of my favorite albums. I can only understand a word now and then BUT, it IS one of my favorite to sit down and listen to.

    From Argentina.


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    Yes, I have especially when I lived in Italy.

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