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How to walk away from a mean sister?

My sister is a mess atm.

I’m pretty sure she’s suffering from a severe depression, but refuses to get help. I tried numerous times! She pushes me away. And everyone else who tries. She’s been mean and very hurtful. Every time I say that’s it, no more... but then I feel sorry and I approach her again. Just so she can abuse me again. We can’t last even a minute without her spitting some rubbish at me.

I know she needs help. But I have my life too and I’m sick of her tantrums.

How do I leave her be without feeling guilty?

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    Ultimately, you are not responsible for your sister or her choices, and protecting your own wellbeing is essential. You can continue to love your sister but you can do so from afar, so your mental and emotional stability is not impacted. You have your own life to live and it is more than okay for you to put your focus onto yourself and your own needs. Your sister's behavior is deeply embedded into a regular pattern and you are choosing to play a role in this by constantly going back.  Remember, if you want a different outcome, make a different choice.

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    If you don't want to leave her, don't say nothing about it, just be there for her

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    The person with the mental health condition (and/or addiction) has to want to get help for himself or herself.  You can offer some community resources to your sister, but it's ultimately her decision to utilize all that's available to her.  Unless the person is in a psychosis (a mental break from reality), the individual has to have the want to seek outside professional help and make a positive change. 

    For those in the U.S., here is a website that should have some local counseling agencies:

    Their toll-free 24/7 ** referral ** hotline:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357). 

    You'd used the term "rubbish," which I'm wondering refers to someone who lives in the U.K.  If that's the situation, here is a website that has more general info for those seeking mental health services (to perhaps get forwarded to your sister, even if limited contact with her):

    For those in the U.K. who are feeling suicidal to in a crisis and need someone to listen (though, *not* in place of professional counseling):

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    There's nothing you can do until she realizes she has a problem and reaches out for help.  You're not expected to be your sister's therapist.  The best thing you can do is cut off contact.

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    You have to vacate the house and disengage with your sister as much as possible.

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