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Derek Jeter. Baseball Hall Of Famer In 2020: One Year On?

It's Been A Year Since New York Yankees Icon Derek Jeter Officially Becoming A Baseball Hall Of Famer In His First Year Of Eligibility In 2020 The Biggest Moment Not Just For Mr. November But For The Entire New York Yankees Franchise As A Whole, As A Entity And As A Organization Like No Other In History 


Derek's Baseball Hall Of Fame Moment In 2020 A Big Moment In All Yankees History Of Baseball Hall Of Famers 

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    It's much bigger for Jeter than the Yankees as an organization. Jeter is just one in a long line of stars there. Mariano Rivera was not only a first ballot honoree, but he was elected unanimously. Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth also went in on the first ballot.

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    Ridiculous to say that ANY single player's induction is the greatest moment in the history of a TEAM in a TEAM sport. Not to mention that the team has 27 titles and this one player was on 5 of those teams. 14 other players won MORE than 5 World Series while playing for the Yankees and SEVEN of them are in the Hall of Fame.

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