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A doctor considered me “underweight” for a 5’5 117 lb female. Since when did healthy become underweight? What a fat culture do we live in? ?

Of course if I’m healthy who’s gonna pay for his lifestyle.


I literally can’t remember the last person I saw that was in shape. Everyone is so fat and lazy with poor diet choices and zero self discipline hiding behind made up excuses. Disgusting!

Update 2:

And what’s even worse we have people pushing for fat acceptance. Fat acceptance is literally same as accepting disease, cancer, poor health habits and weak self control but I better get used to it I guess.

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    The recommended weight range for a 5'5" female is 120 - 139 lbs, depending on body frame size, per the source calculator. Just because you are happy at the weight you are, doesn't mean there is a 'fat culture'. There are simply guidelines as to what weight ranges are most ideal, for average body compositions, to help promote good health. Being slightly over or under the range for someone your sex/height/body frame size is no big deal and does not mean there is a 'fat' or 'skinny' culture being promoted by anyone. 


    Do you have an actual information seeking question, instead of a (violation) rant? 

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