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How come my therapist wants to make me feel even worse than to make me feel better?

So my therapist has been a total tool to me the past few sessions. I'm dying of loneliness and I've tried committing suicide multiple times. I'm suffering intensely because my fiancee decided to call off the engagement because of the pandemic imposing a travel ban. The vietnamese government has issued that and there is no end date to it. I'm seriously fed up and tired with life. The only thing that is still keeping me alive is that I am soon going to be moving out of my current city. My family is strongly considering houston as our new home city. My therapist got on me earlier today. He told me " Grow up, you don't always don't get everything you want in life, life is not fair". He also accused me of being selfish. I don't get how does being miserable or depressed would be considered being selfish. How come my therapist wants to make me feel even worse ?? Should I stop seeing him ?? What can I do to meet new people and possibly some vietnamese women when I move to houston ???

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  • 2 months ago

    Let's look carefully at what your therapist said:

    He told you to "grow up" and to start changing your expectations in life.

    This is just good common sense because we ALL KNOW that sometimes we don't get what we want or need in life and so we adjust.

    He is telling you to do the same.

    And if you don't' know how to adjust your life and adjust your expectations, YOU NEED TO TELL HIM THIS.   AND HE CAN TEACH YOU THIS IMPORTANT LIFE SKILL.

    We all know how to adjust our expectations in life.  You don't say how old you are but if you are an adult, you should have learned this life skills by now.

  • 2 months ago

    That does not sound at all like professional behavior on the part of the therapist.  I would wonder if he even knows what he's doing.

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