Okay so i'm a girl btw. Here's the facts

Guys: There was this one guy I liked, maybe it was an aesthetic crush? I didn't want to kiss him, or have sex with him, but I thought he was just really really attractive at the time.

Now, I just really hate men and dicks gross me out and the thought of being with a man COMPLETELY GROSSES ME OUT

Girls: I have had what I think are crushes on women ( a lot ) and i can see myself being happy and having a cottagecore girlfriend lol, and i feel excited to get a girlfriend. I am not grossed out by them, and girls are just so pretty- but the thing is, that the crushes on women are way way shorter than my one guy crush (?)

Am I a lesbian:

Well, idk because for the longest time i thought i was bisexual, but now I realised I don't even like men. I had a strong crush on this person that was genderfluid i think, anyways she didn't care about pronouns and used all pronouns and I thought she was a woman because she was a woman biologically, and basically I like using she/her pronouns for her, etc. But maybe this shows I'm not lesbian?

Also, Maybe in the future i'll like a guy? SO If i identify as a lesbian (which i really want to because i hate men and if i am a lesbian, my life will be so much easier) maybe I'll be wrong- 

please give me a label! I need one to feel comfortable, idk. pls pls pls help!

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    1 month ago
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    Hon, call the LGBT ctr and talk ti the counselor.Althoyou don't mention your age you sound young. We don't all figure out who/what we are at the same age or in the same way.. I didn't figure out I was a lesbian until 25 or 26. I even tried marriage bc that is what girls did back then. Heck i didn't even know what love was. The first thing I did once I realized i was really into women was go to the gay ctr. It helped me clear up my head. And got me out  of my lame marriage fast. What a waste of time that was. lol. Stop worrying about a label. If you are attracted to women. Date women. You are obviously not into guys if it makes you feel gross. Things may change in your life but be with the people who make you feel happy and give you butterflies in your stomach. Feel free to write back. HUGS from a senior lesbian.

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    Nobody needs to be labeled. 

  • 1 month ago

    Labels are straight jackets.

  • 1 month ago

    wait eric how am I a nut job? what the hell

    also you're*

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  • 1 month ago

    Your a nut job.

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    I suppose the simple answer is start dating girls and see how it goes. Visit gay bars and there will be dozens to choose from. Labels are unhelpful because they are unnecessary. You should just go with the flow and enjoy life. 

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